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Official Rules and Regulations of NSICL

How NSICL matches are to be scored

Each school must field a minimum of 5 players in order of ability level on boards 1-5. If a school has less than 5 players, any empty boards (1-5) will be a forfeit, and the points will go to the other school. If both schools are able to accommodate additional players (usually arranged prior to the day of the match), these games will also count toward the match result. Each board is worth the following number of points:

Board 1 ---> 10pts
Board 2 ---> 9pts
Board 3 ---> 8pts
Board 4 ---> 7pts
Board 5 ---> 6pts
A win earns all of the available points for the board. A draw earns half of the available points for the board. A loss earns zero points.

If additional boards can be accommodated by both schools, the board points will be:

Board 6 ---> 3pts
Board 7 ---> 2pts
Board 8 ---> 1pts
Board 9 ---> 1pts
Board 10 ---> 1pts
etc., etc.
Any boards beyond board #8 will be worth 1 point.

Who Wins? Who goes to the Playoffs?

The winner of a match is the school that earns the most board points in a given match. If both schools earn the same number of board points, then the match is scored a draw. For the purpose of league standings, the most important result is the team's match record. Head-to-Head matches will be the primary tie-break for determining playoff teams. If the tied teams did not play, or split their match(es) then the total number of board points earned for the entire season will be the tie breaker. If the teams are still tied in the standings, the total W/L/D record for the first 5 boards will be the tie-breaker. If these records are the same, then only boards 1-4 will be considerd, etc. If all these records are the same, the league president will do a coin flip (sorry) to decide the team that advances to the playoffs, or gets the higher seed.

The top four teams will advance to the playoffs. For the first round, 1st place will host 4th place and 2nd place will host 3rd place

The championship will be hosted by the winner from the first round with the highest seed.

If two teams tie in a playoff match, the score for the first 5 boards will determine which team advances. If the score for boards 1-5 is the same, then only boards 1-4 will be considerd, etc. If boards 1-5 are all draws then the highest board that is not a draw will determine the winner. If all boards are draws then the host coach will chose a pawn from the visiting coach. If the host coach choses the white pawn then the host team will advance, otherwise the visiting team will advance.

Official NSICL League Rules

1.) Official correspondence will be maintained by faculty advisors only. Both teams have the responsibility for reporting results. The results must be sent to the statistician as soon as possible. Let's not be lazy on this one!!! All league results, which include the match score and individual scores with board numbers and student names, shall be emailed to the designated league statistician.

2.) Match postponement or change must be arranged by the faculty advisors of both schools involved in said match. The statistician must be informed of the changed and make-up date so as to not incur any penalties. Under no circumstances must a match be postponed simply because a school does not have enough players. All matches must be played with or without "key players." This type of postponement will be counted as a forfeit.

3.) Forfeited matches will count as a 40-0 win. Individual player points will be given to the top five boards.

4.) Shuffling of positions by a team to gain an advantage is not allowed. Players should be ranked by the advisor, according to player ability from #1-5. When a higher board is missing, two options are available:
a) The board is forfeited, and other players remain at their scheduled boards.
b) The board is played by a player other than boards 1 - 5.

5.) The home team should be ready when the visiting team arrives. Clocks of missing players will be started as soon as the other players are at the boards and ready to play. If the visiting team fails to arrive by 3:45, and notification of late arrival has not been made, the match will count as a forfeit.

6.) During the match, at least one advisor must be accessible to the players.

7.) The home team will play white on the odd numbered boards and black on the even numbered boards.

8.) All games will be played with Staunton-type chess sets, if available. The two players must agree if another type of set is to be used. If a team does not have enough of the Staunton-type sets, the advisor should ask the visiting advisor to bring additional sets.

Official NSICL Individual Match Rules

1.) All matches are Game-45. If there are not enough clocks, the available clocks will be used at the highest boards first (starting with board 1)

2.) All moves are "touch" moves. If the player touches the piece and there is a legal move for that piece, that piece must be moved. The move is complete when the player releases the piece. It is not proper etiquette to ask your opponent if you can "take back" a move.

If a player's time expires, it is the responsibility of that players opponent to note that, and to declare a win. If a teammate of the player (with time remaining on the clock) calls attention to the fact that time has expired on his opponents clock, the match will be declared a draw.

3.) There should be no talking other than to say "adjust", "check" or "checkmate". The only exception is if a player wants to ask the team captain if the player should accept a draw, or offer a draw. The captain is allowed to answer this question based on the current match score, not based on the players current status in the individual match.