2018-2019 NSICL schedule

Each team plays every other team 1 time. Then the first 4 weeks of the schedule are repeated with the opposite teams at home. Top 4 teams make the playoffs.


Team listed first is visitor, second is home.


Thursday November 8th

Bedford - Burlington

N.Reading Arlington C.

Lowell Malden C.

Rockport - bye


Thursday November 15th

Malden C. - N.Reading

Lowell Bedford

Rockport - Burlington

Arlington Catholic - bye


Thursday November 29th

Lowell - Burlington

N.Reading - Rockport

Arlington C. - Malden C.

Bedford - bye


Thursday December 6th

Bedford - N.Reading

Lowell - Arlington C.

Malden C. - Rockport

Burlington - bye


Thursday December 13th

Lowell Rodkport

Burlington Malden C.

Arlington C. - Bedford

N.Reading - bye


Thursday December 20th

Malden C. - Bedford

Rockprot - Arlington C.

Burlington - N.Reading

Lowell - Bye


Thursday January 3rd

Lowell - N.Reading

Arlington C. - Burlington

Bedford - Rockport

Malden C. - bye


Thursday January 10th

Blitz @ N.Reading


Thursday January 17th

Rodkport - Lowell

Malden C. - Burlington

Bedford - Arlington C.

N.Reading - bye


Thursday January 24th

Exam week


Thursday January 31st

N.Reading - Malden C.

Bedford - Lowell

Burlington - Rockport

Arlington Catholic - bye


Thursday February 7th

Burlington - Lowell

Rockport - N.Reading

Malden C. - Arlington C.

Bedford - bye


Thursday February 14th

Arlington C. - Lowell

N.Reading - Bedford

Rockport - Malden C.

Burlington - bye


Thursday February 28st

Arlington C. - N.Reading

Burlington - Bedford

Rockport - bye

Malden C. - bye

Lowell - bye


Thursday March 7th Playoffs Round 1

Thursday March 14th Championship

Thursday March 21st - Simul and Awards at N.Reading